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オンラインストアのリニューアルが完了しました! Online Store Renewal






GT-R 日産純正部品 カーボン製リアウーファーパネル

SPEC VとEGOISTのみにしか装備されていない希少な部品です!
SPEC VとEGOISTは国内のみに設定されたグレードとなっております。


Renewal of online store is completed!

We are increasing our handling items.

* About the RAYS wheel
We handle all RAYS wheel items.

As for price, we will send you an estimate order and we will reply the price.

* Eye Items

GT-R Nissan genuine parts carbon rear woofer panel

It is a rare part that is only equipped with SPEC V and EGOIST!
SPEC V and EGOIST are grades set only in Japan.
Because it will be limited sale, it will end as soon as it is gone.