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The world of “Fast and Furious” recreated with R/C cars?! 映画「ワイルドスピード」をラジコンで再現?!

This video is simply stunning. Brilliantly filmed, precisely modeled, and hilariously executed, this Fast & Furious homage is something anyone can love–even if you’re not a fan of the movies.

Behind the scenes is worth watching, too. You’d appreciate how much work had been put in.

Behind the scenes of “Fast & Furious 6” looks amazing, too.

street33BCNR33 SKYLINE GT-R Street Drag 6速全開ストリートdrag

T88-38GK Single Turbo +NOS

This was shot at midnight, somehwere in Japan. The camera which had been tightly placed in the monster machine just cannot take the sheer power of the car! lol


TARGET BNR32 DRAG GT-R 0-400m加速8.111秒のR32?!

This is the fastest R32 GT-R, called TARGET BNR32 DRAG GT-R, in Japan. It has stunned the world with Japan’s tuning know-how as well as the performance of Japanese cars. Best 0-400m time was clocked at 8.111 sec… with an R32, not an R35! And it is believed that some R32s will record 7 seconds soon. The TARGET BNR32 DRAG GT-R is competing for this year’s D&S night, night 0-400m event held in Tohoku area which was struck hard back in 2011 with massive earthquake, and everyone should be watching out for it!

RB26を搭載した第2世代の現車最速DRAG GT-R。日本車のパフォーマンスとチューニング技術水準を世界に知らしめた車両と言ってイイでしょう。ベストタイムは8秒111。近日、数台は7秒台入りは確実!そんな期待を込めて、8月3日のD&Sナイトでは独立して、アトラクションかもしれません。




アメリカのMotor TrendはアウディR8 V10プラスとR35を対決させ・・・





Our Views
Motor Trend and Autocar have decided to put R35 against Audi R8 V10 Plus as well as Alpina B6. Both Audi and Alpina are more expensive and slower than R35 yet receive praises for their comfort and ease of driving. Although R35 is praised for its sheer speed on circuits, both medias seem not fully satisfied with GT-R.

Nissan GT-R has pursued numbers. Lexus LFA pursued the joy of driving, regardless of the cost. Yet, both Japanese supercars never quite seem to get the full praises from journalists or from the car media when compared with their rival supercars.

I would like to see a journalist, or a car media who can point out exactly what is missing from GT-R or Lexus LFA… Is it the history of the brand? Is it the design?


チューンドGT-Rは0-400m加速を8秒台で駆け抜け・・・、なんだか凄いことになっています。そんな“8秒台クラブ”の一角を担うのが、ドバイのSP Engineering. なんとなくのイメージですけど・・・、お金に糸目を付けない方々のわがままな要望に一生懸命応えていそうです(笑)。

0-400m 8.79sec
Reached Speed 167mph (267.2km/h)

Custom cars そんな彼らのイメージビデオがなかなかカッコ良かったのでご紹介します!


Our Views
Modified GT-Rs are running 0-400m in 8 seconds these days… SP Engineering of Dubai is one of those who managed to join the “8 seconds club”. Their modified R35 looks great and I thought the promotional video of their shop looked good, too.

What caught my attention was the fact that they are building Juke R as well… I can only imagine their customers wanting nothing but the best and spare no expense….


トランクリッドに「コジラ」と可愛く書かれていることに目を奪われた、筆者ですが・・・、なかなかオシャレなマシンです。2012年にもGUMBALL3000に出場中のTEAM WOLF PACKですが、今年もGT-Rがエントリーを果たしました!昨年は蛍光緑、今年は蛍光緑に加えてカモフラージュか、戦闘機がモチーフでしょうか?いやはや、羨ましい車道楽ぶりです。

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Team Wolf Pack’s Nissan GT-R enjoyed last year’s Gumball adventure and for 2013, Godzilla received a jet fighter theme via a green-colored wrap. The “military forces” connection between the two car is obvious, so it seems that the team, which comes from Oman, has a passion for all things army.


人間はスリルを楽しむ生き物なんです。だからジェットコースターが遊園地にあるんでしょうし、スカイダイビングやバンジージャンプが流行るんでしょうねぇ。そして、遊園地に行かずとも、そらから墜ちなくても、人に笑顔をもたらすのがGT-Rであることが発覚しました(笑)。To the floor.comというサイトがYouTubeにあるGT-R加速同乗動画のコンピレーションを作ったようです。


Our Views
Human is thrill seeking animal. Roller coasters, sky-diving, bungy jump… you name it. We have just found out that you don’t have to go to a theme park nor do you have to fall out from the sky to smile… To the floors.com has come up with a GT-R video consisting of various people having to sit on passenger seat and experience GT-R’s brethtaking acceleration.

Young or old, male or female, everyone smiles in the end, no matter how scared they may initially be. It is, probably, fair to say that GT-R is one hell of dopamine secreting machine…lol