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Heavy rain and drag race don’t mix well… 大雨とドラッグレースは相性が悪い・・・

This clip was shot by dragtimes.ru in the Dmitrovsky District outside Moscow, the GT-R on the right looks like it’s headed for a normal run on a drag strip when it suddenly breaks to the left, slamming into the end of a guardrail and becoming airborne from the impact. It then proceeds to spin at least five times before finally coming to a halt.

Thanks to its crumple zone, the cabin seems intact despite the intensity of this accident. But the driver doesn’t come out of the car for quite a while… What is he/she doing?

It turns out the driver was taking his/her time by hanging some clothing on a hanger because she is just that smooth, like this sort of thing happens every day. Also, she’s not wearing a helmet, because Russia. We should be expecting a dashcam view of this crash shortly, also because Russia.






The driver claims that the axles broke…アクスルが壊れた、と言っているドラッグレース事故

We have brought you a video of an R35 where it tried to do rocket launch and broke its differential gears.This time, the uploader of the video claims that the axle broke, during the acceleration… Hmmmm, this time, i have my doubts. Even with all the electronic aids in the world, the Nissan GT-R can still be hard car to drive?!

Poor Dodge Dart.

R35がロケット加速時にディファレンシャルが壊れた動画をお届けしましたが、今度はドラッグレース中に競争相手に突っ込んでしまうハプニング。ドラッグ レースしたことないんですが、ありゃ、絶対真っ直ぐ走らせるのは至難の業ですよね・・・。ドライバーは「アクスルが壊れた」と語っているようですが、ボク にはどうも操作ミスにしか見えません・・・。


D&S Night 2013 was as exciting and cool as one would naturally expect. D&Sナイト2013は想像できるとおり熱くクールなドラッグシーン

D&S Night 2013, as featured, has taken place last week at Sendai Highland Circuit. There were over 150 participants and fair bit of crowd despite the event taking place in the night. Japanese drag racing is back on track.


10th anniversary of D&S Night 2013! D&S Night2013、今年は10周年記念イベント

At Sendai Highland circuit’s drag course, an event called “D&S night 2013” will be held on the 3rd of August. There will be a gathering of dressed up cars as well as drag cars and lots drag races of cars along with bikes. This is their 10th year of holding drag race event and it’s hot and smokey…obviously.


Revival 1/4 mile
Japan drag race way

japan drag race way

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street33BCNR33 SKYLINE GT-R Street Drag 6速全開ストリートdrag

T88-38GK Single Turbo +NOS

This was shot at midnight, somehwere in Japan. The camera which had been tightly placed in the monster machine just cannot take the sheer power of the car! lol


JAPAN RECORD ESCORT Nissan Skyline DRAG Machine! エスコート日産スカイラインドラッグマシン

RB26DETT Single Turbo +NOS 1200PS+α
Driver Yoshiki Ando
1/4Mile 7.092  /  312.14km/h
This machine had been modified from being street legal car to a drag machine!
JAPAN RECORD ESCORT Nissan Skyline DRAG Machine!

RB26DETT Single Turbo +NOS 1200PS+α
Driver Yoshiki Ando
1/4Mile 7.092 / 312.14km/h
This machine had been modified from being street legal car to a drag machine!

RB26DETT GT-Rの名機を搭載するエスコートのタイプM。長い時間をかけて、ストックボディのナンバー付きから進化を続けてきたマシン。タイムは7秒092、終速は310km/h越え。マシン作りはエスコート、ドライバーは安藤佳樹。記録は更新したが、まだ手は抜けない目前に国産車見到達の6秒台が見えているし、コースコンディションの差があるとは言え、このクラスの国際的なトップクラスは6秒中盤。一歩ずつ着実に、頂点に向かう過程だ。

TARGET BNR32 DRAG GT-R 0-400m加速8.111秒のR32?!

This is the fastest R32 GT-R, called TARGET BNR32 DRAG GT-R, in Japan. It has stunned the world with Japan’s tuning know-how as well as the performance of Japanese cars. Best 0-400m time was clocked at 8.111 sec… with an R32, not an R35! And it is believed that some R32s will record 7 seconds soon. The TARGET BNR32 DRAG GT-R is competing for this year’s D&S night, night 0-400m event held in Tohoku area which was struck hard back in 2011 with massive earthquake, and everyone should be watching out for it!

RB26を搭載した第2世代の現車最速DRAG GT-R。日本車のパフォーマンスとチューニング技術水準を世界に知らしめた車両と言ってイイでしょう。ベストタイムは8秒111。近日、数台は7秒台入りは確実!そんな期待を込めて、8月3日のD&Sナイトでは独立して、アトラクションかもしれません。