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R35 has no soul? R35には走りに魂が感じられない、そうです・・・

Nissan GT-R is a bargain. With a sub-3-second 0-100km/h time, enormous grip, and a host of performance-enhancing technologies, the GT-R is, undoubtedly, amongst the best. But the GT-R has been knocked for being too efficient and precise in how it delivers its substantial performance, for lacking the “soul” of some of its European rivals.

The host of Motor Trend’s “world’s fastest car show’ Justin Bell takes Nissan’s supercar to the track, to see if it lives up to both its mythical and clinical reputations.

As for the torque distribution, Nissan set it so that anyone can drive fast through coners. It is unfortunate that none of the motor journalists fail to point that out… What the hell is “soul” anyway? Does the car have to be edgy at times to be called “soulful”?

Will the next generation GT-R be soulful or do Japanese not have the ability to make cars with souls?


モータートレンド誌が展開している「World’s fastest car show」というビデオで2014年モデルのR35を取り上げています。ル・マン優勝者でもある元レーシングドライバー、ジャスティン・ベルが試乗しているんですが、絶対性能は認めつつも、サーキットではイマイチ「魂を感じられない」と難しいことを申されております(笑)。




G63AMG Hennessey HPE700 VS R35…G63AMGへネシーHPE700対R35

What happens when you drag race a stock Nissan GTR against 2013 AMG G63 G-Wagon upgraded with the Hennessey HPE700 upgrade? Hint: Always put the GTR in R mode or the race could be quite different….


New world record for GT-R… 0-300km/h加速11.56秒!

It’s quite ironic to think that when Nissan introduced GT-R, they did everything they could to prevent people from tuning it. They wanted to make GT-R different, give it more luxurious positioning, from that of Skyline GT-R. However, as time has proven, the Nissan GT-R has become one of the world’s most popular supercars to modify.

During a recent run at an MLR event, the 1400hp Nissan GT-R modified by Severn Valley Motorsport managed to hit an incredible 380.84km/h in just one mile… Consequently, the car completed the standing mile in just 22.42.

It’s worth mentioning that a 1700hp Nissan GT-R, AMS Alpha12, in Russia recently completed the standing mile at a top speed of 382km/h. However, to Severn Valley Motorsport’s credit, their GT-R did reach 300km/h in a mere 11.56 seconds making it almost 1 second faster to that mark than the aforementioned 1700hp GT-R!


つい先日、ロシアのドラッグレースでAMS Alpha12が世界最速記録を樹立したばかりですが・・・






Next generation Maxima? New sport sedan using GT-R components? 新型マキシマなのか、GT-R譲りの新型スポーツセダンなのか?

Nissan likes to think of Maxima as a “four-door sports car”, despite its front-wheel drive setup complete a CVT. Hollywoodextra has featured an article on a recent Nissan event which showed this amazing looking sedan. They appear to show a four-door sedan closely inspired by the profile of the GT-R with crisp sidelines and a fastback rear end.

In the second photo we see a front fascia that departs from that GT-R styling and borrows heavily from the Resonance concept from this year’s Detroit Auto Show. And they seem to think this sporty sedan concept rendering become the next-gen Maxima. We have no information on this matter but how cool would it be if they used the components of a GT-R on a new sport sedan?

The world is filled with sport sedans now days even Porsche and Aston Martin build their versions of sedans… why can’t Nissan make a real sport sedan using the components of a GT-R? It may be a wishful thinking but we can dream, can’t we?

日産がアメリカでプレス向けのイベントを開催したようですが、そこで登場した1台の車のスケッチが話題になっています。Hollywoodextra によると、次世代マキシマではないか、とのことです。



何 の情報もありませんが、個人的にはGT-Rのコンポーネンツを他車で利用しない手はない、と思っています。マキシマでもイイですけど、これだけ4ドアス ポーツセダンが世間に受け入れられていることを鑑みれば、GT-Rセダン(名称はどうであれ)の投入があってもオカシくはないですよね。まぁ、商売的にど うなのか、が重要でしょうけど・・・。

AMS Alpha 9 vs Switzer P800

Modification of R35 is hot not only in Japan but around the globe. And some of those modified R35s are simply amazing. As many of you know of Switzer P800 and AMS Alpha9, they are both very very fast. And some people thought it would be cool to let them run together!lol

Switzer P800 driver knew he had little chance of winning so he accelerated a bit early. It only let us witness the crazy acceleration of AMG Alpha9… Good stuff!

R35のチューニング事情は日本でも熱いですが、海外ではゴジラ信仰としてハチャメチャに凄いことになっているのは多くの方がご存じのことでしょう。Switzer P800もAMS Alpha9も世界に名だたるチューンドR35です。いずれも速いんですが・・・、AMS Alpha9は異常なまでのロケット加速力を有しています。

そんな2台が直線バトルをしたら、どうなるのか?試した人が居るんです(笑)。Switzer P800は負け前提で見切り発進。それでも追い上げますからねぇ、AMS Alpha9・・・。