R35 has no soul? R35には走りに魂が感じられない、そうです・・・

Nissan GT-R is a bargain. With a sub-3-second 0-100km/h time, enormous grip, and a host of performance-enhancing technologies, the GT-R is, undoubtedly, amongst the best. But the GT-R has been knocked for being too efficient and precise in how it delivers its substantial performance, for lacking the “soul” of some of its European rivals.

The host of Motor Trend’s “world’s fastest car show’ Justin Bell takes Nissan’s supercar to the track, to see if it lives up to both its mythical and clinical reputations.

As for the torque distribution, Nissan set it so that anyone can drive fast through coners. It is unfortunate that none of the motor journalists fail to point that out… What the hell is “soul” anyway? Does the car have to be edgy at times to be called “soulful”?

Will the next generation GT-R be soulful or do Japanese not have the ability to make cars with souls?


モータートレンド誌が展開している「World’s fastest car show」というビデオで2014年モデルのR35を取り上げています。ル・マン優勝者でもある元レーシングドライバー、ジャスティン・ベルが試乗しているんですが、絶対性能は認めつつも、サーキットではイマイチ「魂を感じられない」と難しいことを申されております(笑)。




The Bolt is the name of a new Keating Supercars’ car. ザ・ボルトって響きからR35のスペシャルモデルかと思ってしまいました

British supercar manufacturer Keating is back with a new model called ‘The Bolt.’ When we hear of the name “Bolt”, GT-R Otaku thinks of the goldern R35… The Bolt is Keating’s follow up to its previous SKR, TKR and ZKR supercars, all of which feature a powerplant sourced from General Motors.

The Bolt will carry a 7.0-liter LS7 V-8 delivering 505 horsepower and 470 pound-feet of torque. The company has revealed that The Bolt will be able to accelerate from 0-60 mph in just 2.0 seconds and hit a top speed in excess of 300 mph. Construction is par for the course of any modern supercar: a carbon fiber and Kevlar body, aluminum spaceframe chassis and a flat undertray to reduce drag. Power in The Bolt is directed to the rear wheels only, via a six-speed transaxle.

Despite having revealed three models already, Keating is said to have sold only around 15 examples since the launch of the first one back in 2006. That makes sense, as Keating only has three staff building the cars. They claim that each cars are built specifically to customer order and no matter what a customer’s personal preferences may be, they can be met. Orders for The Bolt are now being taken. A launch date is yet to be announced.

BOLT & R35





G63AMG Hennessey HPE700 VS R35…G63AMGへネシーHPE700対R35

What happens when you drag race a stock Nissan GTR against 2013 AMG G63 G-Wagon upgraded with the Hennessey HPE700 upgrade? Hint: Always put the GTR in R mode or the race could be quite different….


Heavy rain and drag race don’t mix well… 大雨とドラッグレースは相性が悪い・・・

This clip was shot by dragtimes.ru in the Dmitrovsky District outside Moscow, the GT-R on the right looks like it’s headed for a normal run on a drag strip when it suddenly breaks to the left, slamming into the end of a guardrail and becoming airborne from the impact. It then proceeds to spin at least five times before finally coming to a halt.

Thanks to its crumple zone, the cabin seems intact despite the intensity of this accident. But the driver doesn’t come out of the car for quite a while… What is he/she doing?

It turns out the driver was taking his/her time by hanging some clothing on a hanger because she is just that smooth, like this sort of thing happens every day. Also, she’s not wearing a helmet, because Russia. We should be expecting a dashcam view of this crash shortly, also because Russia.






The driver claims that the axles broke…アクスルが壊れた、と言っているドラッグレース事故

We have brought you a video of an R35 where it tried to do rocket launch and broke its differential gears.This time, the uploader of the video claims that the axle broke, during the acceleration… Hmmmm, this time, i have my doubts. Even with all the electronic aids in the world, the Nissan GT-R can still be hard car to drive?!

Poor Dodge Dart.

R35がロケット加速時にディファレンシャルが壊れた動画をお届けしましたが、今度はドラッグレース中に競争相手に突っ込んでしまうハプニング。ドラッグ レースしたことないんですが、ありゃ、絶対真っ直ぐ走らせるのは至難の業ですよね・・・。ドライバーは「アクスルが壊れた」と語っているようですが、ボク にはどうも操作ミスにしか見えません・・・。


R35 is still alive in yr 2154?! 2154年にもR35は不滅、ってこと?!

Some of you have already seen the new film, Elysium. The story takes place in year 2154. The preview can be seen on YouTube and we found something interesting.

THERE IS AN R35 in 2154?????


A Bugatti seems quite futuristic, convincing enough to be in 2154.


But will R35 last 140 years? As much as I love R35… I somehow doubt it very much. Lol

It is an interesting product placement, none the less.






Nismo Concept Watch is one cool looking smartwatch! フランクフルトモーターショーで発表される、ニスモコンセプトウォッチ

Nissan’s new concept smartwatch aims to help with by sending an array of data from your car directly to your wrist. It also monitors your own body’s performance. The Nismo Concept Watch, set to bow at the Frankfurt Motor Show later this week, has a variety of functions adapted from technology used to monitor the performance of Nismo racing drivers who compete in the the FIA GT and Blancpain Endurance Series.

Strap the Nismo Concept Watch onto your wrist and it sends you information about your car’s average speed and fuel economy, your performance data while on the track, your biometric data so fatigue can be identified early on, and potential road hazards or mechanical issues with the vehicle. And if you’re one of those people who likes to broadcast your entire life on social media, the smartwatch will also track and rate your performance across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Pinterest.

No word yet on production plans, however.

フランクフルトモーターショーで発表される、スマートウォッチに注目です。「ニスモ・コンセプト・ウォッチ」の名前で発表されるスマートウォッチ、車とドライバーの一体感を高めてくれる内容なんです。FIA GT選手権、ブランパン耐久シリーズなど実践からのフィードバックを受けて開発されたものだそうです。

車の平均スピード、燃費、サーキット走行なら一式のデータ、そしてドライバー自身の心拍数などが記録され、スマートウォッチに表示させることができるんです。あっ、ちなみにスマートウォッチからFacebook, Twitter, Instagram そしてPinterest.といったSNSへの投稿も、もちろん可能だそうです。詳しくはフランクフルトモーターショーでデビュー後、色んなメディアが取り上げることになるでしょうねぇ。発売されることに期待大!